Fixing My Own Car Problem

The check engine light in my car was coming on and I was worried that I would have to bring the car in to a mechanic. I didn’t have enough money to pay for an expensive car repair and diagnosis, so I decided to do my own diagnosis with a scanner. Choosing the right OBD2 scanner for the job was as simple as going online and finding one that had a lot of positive feedback. I purchased the best one and hooked it up to my car to find out what was causing the engine light to come on.

The scanner told me that the problem was coming from the car’s fuel pump. To test this out, I used a little starter fluid to turn on the car with the pump disconnected. A replacement fuel pump for my car costs around $400, and a mechanic will charge around a couple of hundred to put it in. Anyone can put in a fuel pump if they know what they’re doing. There are plenty of online tutorials that show how to put a simple pump in. I simply saved my money until I had enough to buy the pump and put it in on my own.

I had an easy time putting in the pump, especially since I had my phone with me. I was watching a tutorial video while I was doing the replacement. I had to put a protective film over my phone so I wouldn’t get it covered in grease. It took less than half an hour to put the pump in. The engine light didn’t come on anymore. The scanner was well worth the investment, because it solved my immediate problem, and it will probably be useful if my car starts acting up again. I just hope the next problem is as easy to fix.