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AutomotiveThiruvananthapuram: Mercedes-Benz India has announced the introduction of Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM) course for engineering college students. With enhanced functioning characteristics and coming-age technologies, newer automotive touch screen control systems are expected to penetrate the market, due to which the global marketplace is expected to expand significantly over the forecast period along with intensified market competitors.

Other massive stories, according to Wangers, include Ford’s Lincoln luxury division becoming confused and meaning tiny to prospective purchasers, Buick obtaining a great, considerable automobile in the LaCrosse but tiny else, and excellent news for Basic Motors – their Chevy Cruze and Sonic models have excellent possible for 2012 and beyond.

Even though not leaving a carbon copy impact as robust as rebadging, platform sharing is also broadly practiced in the automotive sector which gives about the very same mutualism effects with a better sense of approval from the ‘purer’ vehicle makers around the globe.

The automotive sector, even though nonetheless in its infancy in terms of hydrogen fuel adoption – continues to move the needle in the ongoing battles between those committed to hydrogen fuel technology, and these, like Tesla’s Elon Musk, who think it will fail.

We all know what a key appears like and most appear similar, but for a locksmith it goes deeper than that and recognises that there are in truth numerous various kinds of keys and locks and that this is a result of how those frequent factors are combined and assembled.